Welcome to the RAMI REDDY RAMI REDDY RAYALASEEMA RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL! The school was established during the year 1987 as a registered partnership with Registration No. 852 of 1988 the Registrar, Hyderabad which includes Years 7 to 15 offers an educational programme which intends to build on and enhance skills acquired in primary school and equally significantly enable and empower students to discover and nurture their special talents and passions. Around 1950 students ranging from ages 3 to 18 make the school come alive. Our dedicated and talented staff knows each student and follows their achievements and progress with genuine care and interest.

                A warm welcome to you and your family from the expertise staff at RAMI REDDY RAMI REDDY RAYALASEEMA RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL, Tirupati.

                We understand that, as parents, you want the very best for your child. We understand that deciding which school is right for your child is an important responsibility. Our school provides a close-knit, friendly and supportive learning environment for our students and staff. High expectations coupled with a caring and purposeful ethos helps ensure that the students in our care develop the academic and social skills necessary to prepare them for life-long learning. Whether your child joins us in the Nursery, Reception or a primary class, we seek to make learning enjoyable and stimulating in an environment which is safe and secure. We encourage students to work hard, achieve well and make the right choices.

                We aim to provide multiple and varied learning experiences in a genuinely multicultural environment to develop global citizens with a deep sense of appreciation of divergent opinions and with a strong sense of social responsibility.

                Since the establishment of Rayalaseema Residential School the VII class results for the 24 batches appeared are quite encouraging and all the batch students were passed in the 1st class and distinction achieving 100% passes.

                10th Class results for the 23 Batches (since 1989 to 1990) appeared have achieved almost 100% passes till 2011-12.

                Our curriculum is based upon the State Curriculum for Andhra Pradesh and it is adapted to maximise the opportunities which exist here in Tirupati. Our enthusiastic and capable staff works hard to provide an educational experience which matches the best of international schools. We believe, too, that your child’s success relies upon an open, trusting and productive relationship between home and school. We encourage this partnership in many ways and look forward to sharing in your child’s achievements. Our class-based, specialist and support staff work hard to ensure that we meet the needs of each student. We acknowledge that all individuals are different and we do our best, within the school’s resources, to meet the needs of all. Our academic standards are strong and we strive to improve them constantly. We hope that the time your child spends at RAMI REDDY RAMI REDDY RAYALASEEMA RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL, Tirupati will be productive and enjoyable. Our commitment is to make it a memorable and successful experience for you and your family.

Best wishes, 

C. Sivasankar Reddy
M.Sc., B.Ed.,

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